Isanna inahan

These are the guidelines for Isanna slaves(inahan).

A slave is no more than a beast to please their Owner and help with chores in the Camp (wechote)
We dont assume any Gorean experience makes you an expert on the savage way of life
It is a huge learning curve for many. Dont despair. We have all been there.
HOWEVER, speak poorly of Isanna anywhere on Gor and you will be held accountable for those actions/words
Personal beliefs are kept in OOC and dealt with by the Chief.
We have site rules to follow and he may help you with them.


The Isanna are a proud people and have high expectations of slaves.
To this end we believe in the Tihawe (family),working as One for a common goal.
For a slave to think she is above Tiwahe is unhealthy We look after our slaves and to this end we do not use the barbaric method of branding slaves.
Instead we use a beaded collar to signify your Owner.

Bold speech is not acceptable from slaves. Hold your tongue. Make sure OOC or thoughts are seen as such, or they become rp.
Use OOC too much in room and you will be placed on ignore by all.
A Free may make mistakes, but to a slave they are never wrong.
(If Free/slave is new, assistance shoud be kept to msn or OOC)

Slaves will adhere to the basic knowledge as outlined below
1.White and yellow anklets are require to be proficient in 2/3 of their knowledge.
Red and teal anklets set an example by an understanding all knowledge.
2. When serving a Free your attention is always on them, you do not greet anyone else entering until you are released by the Free or given permission to greet.
3. Greet in this order Chiefs, all Isanna FM, guest FM, Isanna FW, guest FW, Isanna inahan and guest inahan.Wasicu(white)captives are given a nod).
4.The last words out of your mouth is han(yes)to a Free upon a request.
5. Mouthing off or spreading malicious gossip is unhealthy and you will be dealt in a manner befitting a princess outburst.
6.The safety of slaves is important to the Isanna. Thus it is better to beg forgiveness than pretend you are always right.
7.Poor behaviour reflects upon your Owners standing in the wechote.It is up to them to decide a suitable punishment.This may come in one of the following levels
8. a)extra chores
c)tied to a pole with tasks to complete
d) loss of your anklet level-an inahan's worst fears-
f) hamstrung next to a chained sleen. -length of chain is decided by Owner.
To bring disrespect to the Wechote goes beyond those five and you are handed over to the Kashnas
9.Death (rare) is the perogative of your Owner and the Chief only.
10.It is natural for slaves to be competative, just dont let pretend you are always right.
11.Know your place. If you just sit around looking pretty it shows you have little respect for your Owner. Not wise.
12.There is an expectation that you do chores during RP, though it should not consume ALL your time. There are many ways to interact with others.
13.It is not your place to speak to a wasicu(white) unless given permission. The exception is when you are alone in the Wechote. In this situation you will use NCP akicitas/inahan/"lomasi" to formulate RP.
14. An inahan will lay down her life for her Owner or hide, whichever is required. It is an insult to defend your Owner when S/He is capable of doing so themselves.
15. Only Kashnas bear children. Fact of life being a slave.
16.In the wechote you will be protected(vt). Do not bring RT problems into the wechote. Know the difference between vt and rt.

The Chiefs word is LAW. He alone may alter any of the above.

The Isanna love and value their inahan in many ways and believe in the sanctity of life, thus any punishment is to enable you to learn. The Isanna do NOT follow the wasicu ways of maiming/killing for the sheer pleasure of it. We are TIWAHE(family) and look after each other for the greater good of the wechote.


1. preparing hides
2. weaving blankets/tapestries/clothing
3. cooking, helping prepare the meat after a hunt
4. keeping the camp clean, especially your Owners alcove
5. maintaining the fire pits
6. sewing
7. serving
9.trapping small game or fishing

A summary(if you prefer a script it will be acceptable) of chores completed are to be posted on the boards.


There are no "silks" on the Barrens.Anklets are worn on the right ankle and restricted slaves will have an additional red anklet on the left.

The following symbols, indicating an inahans level of expertise is placed after the inahans name and in the correct colour.

~wt~(white)indicates the inahan is new to Gor and requires training in the basics of the savage ways. To study in the room; you may ask to ghost to read the website, thus learning whilst still observing the RP in room. Do chores under supervision to get familiar with the layout of the wechote. Practice speaking as an inahan. Dont forget you are NOT here to entertain the Free of the wechote. Instead your aim is to attain a higher anklet level. This gets you the attention of possible Owners.All ~w~ inahan are restricted as they learn to:

1) Greet promptly in correct order
2) May NOT lap or fur
3) May NOT serve (unless Chief/Owner orders you to) and then only in tower with no heat or honey
4) Punishment of the above shall be a)tied to a pole. b)chained for two days without food or water.
5) Do chores. Ask a Kashna or a choonweh(sister) for some ideas.Learn how to be graceful and pleasing.
6) Wasicu(whites) are NOT to be spoken to without permission. If alone in wechote and wasicu appears, use ncp akicita/inahan to do all that is required. 7) Is not permitted to travel

~yt~ (yellow)Has a little knowledge of the Barrens, savage ways and language. Rules similar to ~wt~.
1) Punishment is similar to the ~wt~, yet may be harsher and may end in the loss of the anklet level
2) Greet when given permission is given and offer serves promptly in nadu with heat or honey.Serves are explicit and detailed to indicate their knowledge of the wechote, the drinks and foods available. Serves are done in a sensual and provocative nature
3) May lap but no furs yet, converse freely and is expected to use some basic Isanna language. Do chores and continue to study but greeting and serves come first.
4)May ghost to study but needs to be alert to the camp needs. Travels only with a Free.

~R~ (bold red)As an Isanna inahan she KNOWS what she is doing. A slave wearing this tag is fully trained in both the normal inahan pleasure standards but ALSO has learnt what it is meant by Tiwahe. This level not only knows of all inahan things ie. serves, refreshment, food, drink, positions and dances ... but of the Isanna culture. Able to help visitors/choonwehs with explanations of the savage ways as well as those other questions of savage knowledge and the Memory. Such an inahan is able to show Dedication, Knowledge, Obedience, Pleasant Appearance as well as Attitude and Attendance. It is her Duty to place the wechote first and her life second. These requirements must not only be achieved but also MAINTAINED to keep this level of anklet. Rules similar to ~wt~
1)A knowledgeable Isanna inahan, having passed the tests in knowledge of the Barrens and the Isanna, including their language and serving of a variety of drinks and foods.
2) May fur, is expected to use more of the Isanna language. Permission requires from Owner before travelling with Free. Punishment is the same as the ~yt~ and if proven twice shall be sent to the girl herd for two days
3) Is expected to be able to dance if asked, welcome the new inahans into the tribe and assist them where necessary.

~t~ (teal)Indicates that the inahan can assist the ~wt~ and ~yt~ inahan in their studies, may travel with an escort of 4 akkcitias.Serve in non-banned camps as per Isanna Way. Is expected to have performed at least three dances and can dance on command. Knows every food and drink of the Barrens and can prepare a feast on command but most importantly knows the Isanna way of preparing food and drink and shows this in their posts and chores.
1) Has intimate knowledge of the rules of the Isanna Ways and the wechote . Such an inahan wears both anklets. Any ~t~ who abuses her position shall be punished by the Chief or Owner . If the misuse of position is proven twice punishment will be severe. 2)May perform acts of healing given command by a Kashna or Itancanka.
3) Shows an intimate knowledge of camp appearance and structure of lodges and attire for both Frees and inahan and is able to use Isanna language
4) Knows ALL positions and demonstrates them easily. Is able to show leadership when a Kashna or Itancanka are not present. May train other inahan when asked.
5) Use of ~t~ as a "Special Princess", has serious ramifications. Punishment ranges from loss of anklets to death.

~rr~ (white)This is a inahan that for one reason or another their Owner has decided to place on any number of restrictions... it does not mean that an inahan is exempt from the normal duties of an inahan concerning appearance, dedication, attendance, hard work (doing chores for example), obedience, knowledge, skills and so forth. It SIMPLY AND ONLY means that she does these things in certain ways and some things only with certain people. Punishment is same as in ~t~. Owner is also held accountable to Chief for such actions.
Travel restrictions are strictly adhered to.. Such must be in consultation with the Chief.

NOTE: The Civil Chief shall appoint an inahan Trainer. A Free may recommend that an inahan receive/remove an anklet, yet the final decision rests with the Owner in consultation wih Chief.

Remember, anklets given may be taken away at any time or place
NOTHING belongs to an inahan, not even your anklets. If you do not maintain the standards of your anklet or Our standards in wasicu places discussions will be held as to why you got them in the first place. This will impact upon your Owners standing in the wechote, giving your Owner the right to sell you.

Use this link to understand the Isanna inahan positions(for advanced rpyers)