Isanna Savages
(Homestone of the YKR warrior tribe)---UNDER RECONSTRUCTION

"The Isanna, literally Little Knife Band of the Kaiila Tribe;
..they come from the countries around Council Rock north of the Northern Fork of the Kaiila River and west of the Snake which is a tributary to the Northern Kaiila River.
~ Blood Brothers of Gor, pgs. 24 - 25"

This is the story of the Isanna of Gor....

Part of the Isbu Savage Nation, the Isanna are primarily a warrior society. They live in the "Barrens of Gor"

They are not, truly, as barren as the name would suggest. They are barren only in contrast....They are, in fact, substantially, vast tracts of rolling grasslands, lying east of the Thentis Mountains...they are spoken of as the Barrens not so much in an attempt to appraise them with geographical accuracy as to discourage their penetration, exploration and settlement. The name, then, is perhaps not best regarded as an item of purely scientific nomenclature but rather as something else, perhaps a warning. Also, calling the area the Barrens gives men a good excuse...for not entering..climate is significantly influenced by the Thentis Mountains and the absence of large bodies of water. The Barrens, accordingly, tend to be afflicted with great extremes of temperature, often experiencing bitterly cold winters and long, hot, dry summers. "Savages of Gor, Chapter 2

The Isanna decide who enters their Lands,under strict rules. However they now allow traders to enter and exchange wares. Rarely do the Isanna leave the Barrens.

"The Red Savages limit the excursion into their lands with a practice which is known as a law of the Red Savages. "No more then two kailia are to be brought by any single white man into the Barrens. Too, no party of white men in the Barrens is permitted to bring in more then ten kaiila." ~ Savages of Gor, p. 137

In the past the Isanna were known as a tribe that sought out whites on their Lands, making no attempt to hide this ferocity. Eventually the whites retaliated by hunting the YKR who hid in the Thentis Mountains refining their skills.Soon afterwards all knew it was time for change and whilst the past will never be forgotten,it could not be sustained. The Isanna warriors chose instead to live amongst the tribe to keep the peace.The children are taught Isanna customs/traditions whilst the Isanna now trade with white cities, selling goods which are found nowhere else on Gor.They all look to the future.....under the watchful eye of the YKR.....

With this knowledge you enter the Isanna camp

The Council Rock dominates the skyline, beckoning travelers onto Isanna Lands within the Barrens.The Isanna are forewarned of any persons, or movement, on their Lands by the lookouts on the Rock and act accordingly.
Through the use of mirrors and smoke signals patrols are kept informed of any who cross the ihanke(border). They neither hinder nor attack any, yet their presence is made known to all.
This is the Lands of the Yellow Kailla Warrior(YKR) who trade only with those they trust, who are few and through one nominated Isanna member.Traders may ply their wares, yet sleep in their own wagons.

"Many tribes, apparently, would not deal on a face-to-face basis with whites.
Although small trading groups were welcomed in the country. such groups seldom penetrated the more interior territories. Too many of them had failed to return. Some of these territories, apparently, had scarcely been penetrated since the days of the first white explorers of the Lands, men such as Boswell, Diaz, Bento, Hastings and Hogarthe.
~Savages of Gor p 86-7~"

The YKR Isanna camp is clearly visible; nestled at the base of the Rock, smoke rising from the fires.Sentries and sleen at night patrol its perimeter. To get to the camp visitors must traverse a thin path wide enough for two kaiila to pass.On the edge of the camp is a tall wooden totem pole. At the top a herlit looks down upon you, its wings spread as if gliding in the sky.A relic of the past only the Elders know its significance.Wary of whites and strangers the Isanna keep to themselves.
This is done more to preserve their traditions than anything else.An understanding of where they are should be foremost in a visitors mind.

Visitors are welcome at the main fires or to use a lodge if weary.
However, Isanna customs prevent a white man from entering the Longhouse.

To the left of the camp is a large forest and the sounds of a river come from the right. A smaller path leads to a clearing.
............under reconstruction below........

In truth like all other tribes on the Barrens they can turn from a peaceful nature to one on war footing.
This sudden change is due to any trouble caused by whites. It is then all tribes unite to clear whites from the Barrens.
This must be kept in mind when you deal with the Isanna, earn respect and all are welcome to the Isanna fires.
The mighty 'Yellow Kaiila Riders'- this warrior society, once known as the 'cavalry' of the Isbu, patrol these Lands.
Their prowess of the bow whilst on a kailla was well known to all.
None should fear them unless the Barren Laws are broken.

"A warrior society keeps order in the camps and on the migrations. They function too as guards and police.
They keep the tribes appraised as to the movements of kailiauk and to organize and police tribal hunts.
They preserve medicine bundles keep ceremonies and teach histories. It is common for them to give feasts and hold dances.Their rivalries provide an outlet for intertribal aggression and the attendant competitions supply an encouragement for effort and a stimulus to excellence.
Within the society itself of course the members profit from the values of alliance and camaraderie and friendship.- Savages of Gor, page 261"

As you aproach the camp two lines of Isanna akicita's appear riding away from the camp seemingly heading towards you. Twenty in all, replenished in the markings of a hunt, tassles drooping from the sides, each made from the fine hair of captives, all wearing the painted faces of a hunting party, their spears held aloft.
Within their hair and attached to their shields are many coup feathers.
Their bows slung over their backs, tomahawk and in some cases bone crushers hang from their belts.
Riding in silence,the leader gives a nod of greeting as they pass in the other direction.
The red YKR symbol on the flanks of a few kaiila belies who protects this camp.
Your first contact with the Isanna has been brief and courteous. Now you have to earn their respect with your actions.

The path leads to the Isanna wechote, where:
"..the welfare of the whole that of the tribe, takes precedence over the welfare of the individual...
.the right to diminish the community does not lie within the prerogatives of the individual."
Blood Brothers of Gor,page 11

This is a Gorean Savage room where most beliefs of Gor are still upheld. We believe in savage rules/savage ideals/savage philosophies.
Respect our right to do so and read the rules below...With that said ENTER in peace.

Rules for RP

1. Black Caste are not welcome.
2.Two(2) posts are require to enter/leave The Lands.
3. Upon entering the room each character WILL declare their weapons/goods/means of transport.
4. It is open country in every direction to reach the Isanna. Be real there is literally nowhere to hide.
5.The wechote is a safe haven for whites with manners (see no. 6).A treaty with the Isanna gives free passage on Isanna Lands and encourages trade.(There are several possible treaties currently being negotiated.)
6. All disrespectful FW are regarded as slaves, with/without collars.Act like a slave and we will oblige.
7.Observers (~o~) who involve themselves in rp will be collared.
8.Everyone entering WILL have an avatar. The exceptions are Site Mods/room mods, those in OOC/observers/messengers.
9.The Law of the Barrens is upheld by all tribes. White law is irrelevant. We are red savages. Gor is unfair - Live with it.
10.This is a no kill/force collar zone, except the old Dustleg camp which is a SAFE zone for the signing of treaties,traders, etc
11. To use the old Dustlegs camp site does not mean you have entered the Isanna camp. However they know you are there.


1.Tiwahe(Family - Traditional Life) and respect are important aspects of Isanna life.
2. White man 'honour' has no place here.This is Our Land not yours.
3. YKR Kashnas(FW) and inahans(slaves) are protected by NCP akicitas. Kashnas are armed and may use the bow if the wechote(camp) is attacked.
4. Any FW/slave entering the camp without an escort will be collared at our discretion. The exceptions are; those we know or who seek to understand the Isanna;those in the old Dustleg Trading Outpost
5. FW and FM act per their station/rank. It is not wise to show ignorance by pretending you are in a white room.
6. "Mouthy" inahan(slaves) lose all privileges, respect and possibly lives.
7. To initiate threaten/harm to any Isanna member is not taken lightly. Friendship/alliances/treaties have their limitations.
8.Guests are just that, they will be treated with respect and courtesy whilst amongst Us. Respect is earnt not given and it works both ways.
9.PM is removed for many reasons, just pick one.
10.All will be held acountable for their words. Thoughts are excluded from this for obvious reasons. OOC is not rp. Consistent use of OOC by any one particular rper may invoke the Chief's Law.
11.The Chief may rule on any event/rp/misuse of OOC/discipline. He may alter any rule if the Tiwahe is placed at risk.

We believe gor should be fun. However this is Gor and the unexpected is always lurking. (Leave your belligerant attitude in rt

The following are the only savage words we normally use:

Chief = Itancan
Master(FM) = Itancanka
Mistress(FW) = Kashna
slave = inahan
brother = chinyeh
sister = choonweh
warrior = akicita
YKR = Yellow Kailla Rider
wasicu = white person/warrior
greetings= hou
goodbye= Ka Dish Day
welcome back = ya eh cuwi
thank you = ashoge
yes = han
no = hanhon
M/my = mita
you = niye
i love you = techila
pretty = hopa
water = ama
tomahawk = canhapi
bison type animal(hunted for meat/furs,etc)= kailiauk
large animal for riding = kaiila

Be honest it isnt that hard


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