Red Savages of Gor

"The Isanna, literally Little Knife Band of the Kaiila Tribe;
..they come from the countries around Council Rock north of the Northern Fork of the Kaiila River and west of the Snake which is a tributary to the Northern Kaiila River.
~ Blood Brothers of Gor, pgs. 24 - 25"

To reach the Isanna travellers must first journey across the Barrens, where a sudden change in weather or roaming animals may descended upon the unwary in an ehn.Isanna patrols and lookouts track everyone on Isanna Lands well before they reach the immense Council Rock that dominates the skyline. At the base of the Rock are the Isanna people. At first glance any traveller would consider the friendly welcome of the Isanna appealing after such a long journey across the Barrens. That is, if they missed the YKR symbol on the flanks of the Isanna kaiila.Herein lies the duplicity of the Isanna. Entering the wechote is easy, leaving requires a great deal of caution and diplomacy. For this is a warrior society.

"A warrior society keeps order in the camps and on the migrations. They function too as guards and police.They keep the tribes appraised as to the movements of kailiauk and to organize and police tribal hunts.They preserve medicine bundles keep ceremonies and teach histories. It is common for them to give feasts and hold dances.- Savages of Gor, page 261"

To the left of the wechote is a large forest; the sounds of a river come from the right.A longhouse, beyond the smaller teepees,leans against the massive Council Rock.A traveller must choose their words carefully as the 'Memory' is central to the Isanna teachings.Here:

"..the welfare of the whole that of the tribe, takes precedence over the welfare of the individual....the right to diminish the community does not lie within the prerogatives of the individual."Blood Brothers of Gor,page 11


1.Two posts are required before you enter the wechote(camp.Upon entering the room declare weapons/goods/means of transport.
2.FW may enter unescorted, slaves without an escort will be collared.
3.Avatars are necessary for rp.Room members use savage avatars.The exceptions are Site Mods/room mods/messengers.
4.Strangers may roleplay on the Barrens when an Isanna member is not present.
5.An Isanna member must be present to rp in the Longhouse.
6.If an inahan(slave)brings their Master/Mistress into disrepute they will be caged.
7.A PM to any inahan is unacceptable when a Free is in the room.
8.FW and FM act per their station/rank.
9.Any disrespectful FW who acts like a slave may be obliged.
10.Isanna Kashnas(FW) and inahans(slaves) are protected by NCP akicitas. They may injure an IC.Kashnas are armed.
11.The Law and philosophies of Red Savages apply on the Isanna Lands.
12.Tiwahe(Family - Traditional Life) and respect are important aspects of Isanna life.
13.Disputes are taken to the training ground.
14.The Civil Chief has the final say on all Isanna matters.


1.Isanna Savages adhere to all rules and regulations of IC. This is an adult chat-room. You must be 18 to enter the premises. If it is found you are underage site administration will be contacted.
2.Adult themes, such as sex will be taken to pm.
3.No Gender Bending - No Dualing - No Secondary Characters.
4.Observers (~o~) should keep their questions to a senior room member
5.Messengers will use their Gorean Name and a Messenger Slash.
6.Knowledge of 15 Isanna words is essential to rp in this room. (These are located in the link)
7.All will be held acountable for words,thoughts, body gestures and looks seen in the room, even if done in OOC.
8.This is a full capture/kill/raiding/collar zone.
9.We accept raids when there are a minimum of two Isanna Free members present.
10. This is a roleplay room. We have a zero tolerance to innuendos, insults or derogative remarks about anyone's personal life.

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